Top Myths About SEO Which You Should Beware Of

When it comes to creating the popularity in the online world, search engine optimization is the best. It is the process which enables the websites to generate higher traffic through different techniques. However, there are tidbits of information related to SEO which lose their context in the retelling. This led to the emergence of a number of misconceptions about the way the search engine operates. For the beginners, those myths can create problems so people look for the best SEO expert in Australia to know the common myths related to SEO.

Myth 1: SEO is a scam
Yes, this is the biggest myth about SEO. People who are unable to get the optimized results from SEO believe that SEO is a scam itself. If you are expecting easy and quick win results then this myth will be true for you. SEO takes a long time to show the visible results to the customers. To get the rewarding benefits of SEO, there is a need to invest consistently in SEO. It helps in paying the rewards for growing your business.

Myth 2: Content is everything
This myth can be heard everywhere. Although the content is an important part of SEO but it is not everything. Content is required for all types of websites. It is helpful in creating inbound links, listing your website on the search engine list and providing the right information to your audience. But, it is not everything for the website. There is a need to have the optimized content on the website for driving traffic.

Myth 3: XML sitemap will boost your search rankings
It is not necessary that you will always want to have the crawlable websites. In that case, you don’t need to have the XML sitemap otherwise there is a need to have XML sitemap. When you update or create a post then the Google XML sitemaps generator will also update the sitemap and submit your post to the search engine.

Myth 4: Google page speed doesn’t matter
Well, the reality is that the page speed matters a lot. None of the users want to visit the website that takes too long to load the webpage. Google measures the page speed as well to give a better ranking to your website. If it doesn’t take a long time to load the direct object model then it is easier for the Google bot to crawl into your website. Hence, your website gets indexed easily.

Myth 5: Social media websites don’t affect SEO
This is another top myth related to SEO. In reality, social media websites play an important role in promoting your websites. It is true that Google doesn’t allow the use of Facebook shares or Twitter Followers directly to improve your search ranking but social media helps in indexation and effective content distribution. In the present time, social media puts the content or the website right in front of the target audience and makes it easier to promote the growth of the websites.

If you are looking for the best SEO solutions then take help from SEO experts. Also, you can know more details at about the myths about SEO. By knowing those myths, it will be easier for you to practice the right methods for search engine optimization of your website.