Tips After Denti Del Giudizio Removal

Many people consider getting their denti del giudizio removed because they don’t want to go through the pain and the trouble of the inflammation and infection that goes along with it. However, this is to point it out that not all of those who have wisdom teeth will get the same health issues that are commonly mentioned along with the eruption of the third molar. It is just that people are aware that most of the ones that have wisdom tooth usually suffer from tooth decay, impacttion, pericoronitis and many others.

Once you have undergone the surgery, here are some tips on how you are going to manage the pain and make it heal faster.

After the surgery

  • The gauze pad must be placed on the area where the surgery was performed. It must be kept in place for around 30 minutes. After this, it must be discarded.
  • Vigorous touching of the wounded area or mouth rinsing is not allowed after the surgery as this will only irritate and inflame the wound. It can also start up the bleeding that is can cause the blood clot formed to get dislodged.
  • Make sure that you take the prescribed medicine by your doctor as soon as you feel uncomfortable. This mostly happens after the local anesthetic has worn off.
  • Lessen your physical activities on the day that you are appointed for your surgery. You can only resume through your normal everyday routine when you feel comfortable with it.
  • Place the ice packs on the side of the face where the surgery was done.


It is to be expected that there is a certain amount of bleeding after the surgery is performed. There is slight bleeding, redness or oozing in the saliva, too. If there is excessive bleeding, this can be controlled by wiping or rinsing the old blood clots from the mouth then placed over with a gauze pad and biting it firmly for around 30 minutes. This must be repeated if necessary. To stop the bleeding, the pressure coming from the gauze must be put directly over the area where the surgery was done. Chewing on the gauze will stimulate the flow of saliva, thus increasing the risk of bleeding and injury on the oral structures. If the bleeding still doesn’t stop, wipe away the formed clot over the wounded area and bit firmly on a moistened tea bag for at least 30 minutes. Its tannic acid will aid in forming the clot through contracting the vessels. To reduce bleeding, avoid getting excited, getting into an exercise or sitting upright. If the bleeding still doesn’t stop, call the surgeon to get further instructions.


It is common for patients that who have went through denti del giudizio removal to feel pain. The severity depends on the tolerance level of the person, too. Some people are able to hold on to the pain without the need for medication, but most people prefer to take the medications prescribed by their doctor.