Super Green Malaysian Kratom – The Strongest Strain

The Green Malaysian, also referred to as Premium Malay, Super Green Malaysian, the Green Vein Malaysian, SGM, is a unique strain which is very popular. With its potency compared to that of Maeng Da (Thai), it is long lasting, well-rounded and energetic. Majority of the super green Malaysian for sale have leaves that have a dark green colour, and they are typically oval shades, having an average size of about 90 -180 mm length and width.


  • Clarity and Mental concentration.
  • Natural, all-day energy.
  • Excellent pain relief throughout joints and muscles.
  • Muscle Relaxer.
  • Stress relief.
  • Stomach issues Relief.
  • Help to achieve a normal sleep schedule.
  • Anxiety relief.
  • A calm state of mind.
  • Ease of conversation.
  • Less social fear.
  • The sense of optimism.
  • Relieve chronic conditions like arthritis.
  • Lowered blood pressure

Green Malaysian has been recognized as one of the strains that last long, and this is because of the cell-wall density of the leaf. Majority of people have remarks on the unique nootropic effects of this strain, which, regardless of its heavy stimulation, it can increase patience and focus for a long duration. It is important you are aware of the fact these effects are often noticed in retrospect. This strain helps to relieve chronic pain and assists issues like migraines, backache, osteoporosis, etc.

Mitragynine is the common alkaloid that found in Malay Kratom leaves. It is soluble in a traditional organic solvent and insoluble in water. It is important you are aware of the fact that the leaves act as a very effective antioxidant, thus fighting off damaged cells and enhancing the immunity of the human body. The alkaloids present in the leaves assists in improving one’s health and enhancing mood and balancing hormones.

When users make use of Kratom in whatsoever form, the effects are noticed immediately after drinking or eating Kratom. The user tends to experience euphoria; this solely depends on the kind of Kratom used. In addition to the euphoria, the user experiences an increase in appetite, a boost in energy, relief in pain, etc. The issues with experiencing the aforementioned are that as soon as the effect subsides, they go away together. The main effect experienced is an increase in energy, euphoria and a boost in senses, as well as relief from chronic pain. The majority of the individuals that are suffering from boredom at work, lack concentration, stress, anxiety, and depression can make use of the Malay Kratom to deal with these issues. This is the best Kratom for professionals, workaholics, and students.  Individuals that are suffering from prolonged pain like migraines, arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, backaches, etc. have a lot to benefit from the Green Malay Kratom. Compared to other types of Kratom the effects of the Green Malay Kratom lasts longer, in the sense that the user experiences heightened concentration, extended pain relief and a boost in mood.


The minimum dosage of the Green Malay Kratom is 1 gram, and according to survey claim that 10 grams are the maximum dosage any person can have. If perchance anyone has more than 10 grams, there is the possibility there will be a negative effect on the body.