Here are some of the planned products and events:

We will be releasing one book as well. This book will include a selection of portraits of large illustrations of the farmers and craftspeople that we have met. The book will also include our reflections on food and agricultural responsibility. We also write about our view on environmentally friendly and humanistic farming. This book will be released this coming spring. So our fans should watch out for the date of the release of our book. The book that we will publish will chronicle our tour throughout the countryside of France, as we do interviews and document farmers and cooks. It will also include additional essays, materials, and stories that were not included in the video documentaries that we have produced. We also have two stories that are for children in the book as well. These stories have been illustrated by an artist that we have met in our travels.

The Spectacle of the sovereigns is a performance play that we have created. It has been created and will be performed by Tifenn. It is a performance that will be based on the various experiences we have had on the trip across the countryside of France. The play itself has been performed over thirty times throughout France in the summer of previous years. You can contact us directly if you wish to organize an evening and watch this performance piece done by us.

We are also in the process of producing a documentary on responsible food production and sustainable agriculture. The video documentary will have a planned running time of 52 minutes. And it will have a series of producer portraits on DVD. So if you would like to get more information on our personal stories, you should check out the DVD that we are producing at the moment. The new video documentary that we are currently producing will have a connection with the book that we are going to publish. This video documentary will include some similar stories. And both materials will expand on the stories that you will be able to check out in the DVD and book. We have partnered with VO Productions to produce the new documentary film.

We are planning to release a box that contains educational materials. This package of educational materials should help younger audience members to understand the concepts of sustainable agricultural and responsible food production. And a board game will also be planned in the future as well. This board game will enable a younger audience to understand the difficult concepts. The board game will hopefully teach it to them in a playful way. The title of the board game will be, Food – agriculture and sustainable methods. Its main theme will be about the development of safe and responsible methods of large scaling farming.

We also hold various photo exhibitions and talks if anyone is interested in schedule one with us. We can attend conferences, screenings, and even debates. Our official partner for these kinds of photo exhibition will be Canon France. We hope to showcase our work at these exhibitions.