Offshore Domain Registrarfor Your Greenhouse Website

Signing up with an offshore domain registrar is one of the effective ways of mitigating against domain name seizure as doing this will guarantee site owners are able to circumvent loads of inconvenience sooner or later. Here are a few tips on how you can use this to your benefit.

  1. Do not Use VeriSign or Afilias for Your Domain Registration

Afilias handles .mobi, .info, .org, .aero, .in, .me registrations plus a lot of others while VeriSign deals with .net, .com, .name, .cc etc. If you think you can’t avoid these TLDs because of brand or SEO related issues, then you need to be aware that you won’t get penalized by Google for having a site on .eu or .ch extension.

  1. US-based Domain Registrars are a No-No

Avoid going for traditional USA registrars like GoDaddy. You’re better off with your domains on a German, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, or Chinese registrar. On current evidence, a court in the United States can order a provider like GoDaddy to pass across your domain information without your knowledge.

  1. Avoid Hosting With US Companies

 Even though you are at risk of losing a domain name, there’s also the added danger of your site being taken offline by a competitor-inspired/mistaken or sometimes warranted DMCA request to your hosting provider. There have been cases where whole websites have been shut down as a result of just one message or post.

Anybody who knows his onions and cares about his online business appreciates the danger of being offline, even if it’s just for one day, as this could lead to a ricochet effect that can up to a month to bounce back.

  1. Do not Incorporate as a US Business

Even where you’re a citizen of the United States, you’re permitted to opt for other jurisdictions; register your business with an offshore domain registrar in Spain or the Netherlands, or in offshore locations. A quick search on Google will throw up several options particularly for online businesses.