LV-ABC-Accessories: An Overview of Anchor Clamps For Self-sustaining LV-ABC Lines

The clamps are fabricated in a manner that they anchor self-sustaining LV-ABC lines of between 2 and 4 cores. The wedge style of clamp, on the other hand, is self-adjusting. Street lightning or Pilot wires are led alongside with the clamp. The insertion of the conductor is facilitated using an integrated spring, thus allowing the opening of the clamp. Conferring to the Marel website, the version with dynamic arms will assist in simplifying the installation.


  • A clamp made of UV light and weather resistant glass fiber reinforced polymer in addition to hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Exceed requirement according to ESL 43-14 and VDE 0211 and in future to CENELEC prEN 50583-2
  • Short length of approximately 320 mm
  • Single M12 bolt and self-locking nut allow the clamp to be fixed also to brackets and closed eye screws.

Suspension clamps for self-sustaining LV-ABC lines

These clamps are fabricated in order to suspend self-sustaining LV-ABC lines. In addition, they can be used for LV-ABC lines with insulated and bare neutral messenger.


  • Operating load of 2.5Kn
  • Fits pigtails and hooks up to diameter of 21 mm
  • Made of UV-Light and weather resistant elastomer and hot-dip galvanized steel
  • It exceeds the requirement according to ESI 43-14 and VDE 0211
  • Tool-free installation, equipped with wing nut
  • Can be installed in a straight path and in a deviation angle up to 30o

Mechanical features of Marel connectors:

The insulated piercing connector will be of the type metal with a fusible head, of easy installation and of dimensions compatible with the construction of the pre-assembled cable. The clamping pieces intended to make the connection by drilling must be provided with a torque limiter and the maximum value of this must not exceed 20N.m for sections of conductors smaller than 95 mm2 for sections greater than 95 mm2 this torque must not exceed 30N.m or the values ​​declared by the manufacturer in type tests.

Electrical features of the Marel Connectors:

The material of the insulated piercing connector blades must have an electrical resistivity such as establish the current standards according to the metallic material to be used. You must transport one current equal to or greater than the current capacity of the largest bypass conductor. The Connection must be without electrical type problems. The connector design must guarantee the hermeticity to prevent electrolytic couplings from forming with the conductors, and cause corrosion of them in the presence of moisture, altering the stability of the Electric connection.

Testing the IPC connectors:

Regarding testing voltage and airtightness (sealing), if the connector is tested horizontally, they must be shaped to the cores first and held in a rigid position by using an appropriate device to connections to prevent damage during handling. Concerning climate aging tests, should shape the cores to As for the test voltage and airtightness and their ends must be covered fully to prevent drivers moisture ingress. The insulated piercing connector is placed on an unadjusted main conductor and on a conductor derivative maximum section which should cover the connector.

Temperature control of the Marel connectors:

Temperature controls are affected through thermocouples located on parts of the reference conductor and inside the enclosure is carried out essay. Each piece of the IPC is provided with at least one thermocouple whose hot welding is located as close as possible to the area of ​​passage of current between the workpiece and the driver. The thermocouple monitors the temperature of the reference cable will be located at point center thereof equidistant from jacks potential. The thermocouple monitors the temperature of the enclosure will be located in the central area of same and approximately 20 cm below the horizontal plane containing the pieces.
Connector strength and quality:

Marel Insulated piercing connectors will be installed in long cores of 0.5 m to 1.5 m, sections minor and major transverse the core and the larger cross section driver derivative as shown in the connector. For this purpose, the mail cable will be stretched. An insulated piercing connector on one phase acting as a principal conductor is placed and therefore will be placed on that side of the connector (main). It will place a Driver derived from the maximum requested section on the derivative side.

Marel certainly produces one of the best insulated piercing connectors on the market. So if you are after something that is of high-quality and serves you well in yur electrical and mechanical connection needs, you will not go wrong if you choose IPCs from this manufacturer.