Definition of technical words:

Through going through this website, you may have encountered some new and unfamiliar words and phrases, such as agrobiologist and free trade farming. And you should not find it too confusing at all, these are new words, so it is no wonder that you do not know of these terms. The average consumer will not know of ideas and concepts such as responsible food and agro-manager. These are very specific terms that are only usually used by people who are involved in the sustainable farming industry. Those terms mean very specific things as well, and they are usually only applicable to the farming world too.

If you would like to become more familiar with those various terms and concepts that are unique to this website, you can look through this short lexicon. The lexicon will detail all of the words, concepts, and phrases that you will have to familiarize yourself with if you want to know more about sustainable farming and any relatable topics related to better methods of production when it concerns food. You can learn more about those kinds of sustainable food ideas if you become familiar with them through our blog.

Responsible food: This is a concept of responsible food that will not only cover production but nutrition, consumption, and even preparation as well. There are a lot of implications on our individual eating habits on our environment and even on other humans as well. How you consume food has a direct impact on the environment and the way that other people live. Hopefully, by having this awareness of responsible food, you will be able to reform your food consumption practices. Currently, many food consumption habits encourage agricultural practices which are destructive to the environment. Anf they also reduce farmers to modern slaves in the service of agro-industry. In order to break that vicious cycle of bad food consumption habits, you can learn about more responsible food habits on this website.

Sustainable agriculture: It is a practice which is defined by a respectful use f the natural resources, which can allow current and future generations to have preserved resources enabling them to meet their needs for agricultural production. Sustainable agriculture must take into account the environmental, social and economic factors, and must all balance them carefully.

Free-trade farming: This method of farming and food production refers to the many practices of food producers in France. It is a method in which food is sourced from organic farms, which engage in fair practices in the hiring of their farmers. This can include better wages and better treatment of the farm workers. Free-trade farming also sources food which is completely organic, free from pesticides. Animals from free-trade farms are also usually treated better, being allowed to roam and not caged their whole life.

Agro-manager: This is the individual manager of one or more farms. They usually try to promote maximum return on investment. In the past, most agro-managers would try to exploit natural resources in order to gain the most profit from farming. However, many modern agro-managers are slowly adopting many sustainable agricultural practices and responsible food production.