Important Features That Make Great Survival Knife

For people that love the outdoors, always having a handy little tool that they can depend on for a lot of things is very important. A survival knife is one such tool that you will need to invest some money on. You will want a great survival knife that can be used in various things. So, knowing what to look for will definitely keep your eyes toward getting the most appropriate choice there is.

It needs to be the right size

Size is a very important consideration when you are looking for a great survival knife. But this does not mean that bigger or better. If you are looking for a wilderness knife that you can carry with you in these outdoor excursions, bigger will not do you any justice. Blades that are way too strong often means that they will not have that good a capability when to comes to performing such tasks as skinning or dressing a game. They will not be as effective in carving tasks as well. The right size would be those sized from 5 to 12 inches. s

It must have a fixed blade

When the knife has a fixed blade, they tend to be more reliable in survivalist situations. Folded blades will always have the upper hand while it comes to meeting the many demands in a survival situation. Anything with a joint on it is only going to add weakness to the overall use of the tool.

It needs to be full tang

A full tang is where the blade extends to the handle. This offer more robustness to the knife as the entire blade is anchored on a single piece. Partial tang blades have a tendency to experience play overtime. Meanwhile, a full tang blade will remain very functional even in cases  when it will come off at some point.

It needs to have a sharp pointed tip

This is another characteristic of a great survival knife. You would not want a knife of this kind to be angled or rounded. When the tips are pointed it makes it possible for you to use the knife for defending yourself. It can even be used for hunting purposes as well. This is why it is always best to focus your attention on knives that have pointed tips if you want them to be most useful and practical when in the wilderness.

It needs to have a sturdy blade

You are going to need to invest in high-quality blades if you want it to be able to hold its edge or a much longer time. The last thing you want is to be kept encumbered by having to stop and to sharpen the edges while you are outdoors. Opt for those with high carbon content so you know that they are going to stay sharp longer.

Now that you are aware of the things that make a great survival knife, you can use them to find the best one for you. Do remember that what you pay is what you get when you buy such a tool. So avoid going for a cheap product. The right knife will always be worthy of how much it is priced at.