Here are answers to questions that we receive the most.

  1. Why do a tour of France instead of an international one?

France is one of the major countries in the world that actually preserves quality food traditions. So if you enjoy food, you should be visiting France. Food-loving tourists will get to enjoy the lively rural life of the French countryside. And they are also able to taste quality food that is traditionally made by French craftspeople. There are still parts of France, wherein the food is still made the traditional peasant way. So if you would like to experience that gastronomic tradition, do a tour of France.

For the native Frenchmen and Europeans, the local tourism scene is the best thing to experience. If you want to build yourself and improve yourself, how can you expect to do that, without knowing the place where you came from?

  1. Do you have roots in the French peasant countryside?

Frederic has been passionate about cooking since her childhood, but despite that, he has refused to become a professional cook because of the exclusivity of that position. And because of all of this passion, he founded, in 2001, an organization about responsible gastronomy. This allows her to play in her kitchen with hands and pots and share this fun of cooking with others.

The ecological and humanistic approach that we take definitely is patterned off of the attitude that French farmer peasants had to cook and food.  There is a link between food and agriculture, the food security of the peoples and in particular the French agricultural practices of growing the food that we eat.

  1. Who are you doing this tour of France for?

We do it for anyone; we just wanted to do the tour ourselves!

First of all, it was a life experience that we wanted to experience and share with an audience. We also feel like the project of a Food tour of the French countryside actually meets real needs. There is clearly a demand for people who want to practice more responsible gastronomic and cooking traditions. We have started this blog as a way so that the public can live the adventure with us and share our experiences. It is not only that of simple consumers of the modern diet will understand the agricultural practices that have been supporting their lifestyle for the past decades.

As time passed, the scope of our project also expanded. We took on more ambition for the project. And we soon realized that we had to share this tour of France with a public audience.

So we, therefore, equipped ourselves with professional camera recording equipment to be able to record and then show off the results of this trip on our return. We hope that this trip can educate the general public on the many gastronomic traditions of the French countryside. And also educate our audience on how the development of the agricultural practices of French farmers has also shaped thosegastronomic traditions as well. Our tour of France should be an educational source about food traditions to our audience.