Here are the videos that we available to date on DVD:

The feast of the soil

In this DVD video documentary, we meet Jacky on his farm in May of 2005. Since 2004 he has been practicing a revolutionary agricultural practice called RaméalFragmenté, which allows him to grow tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables on his lot, without the use of irrigation, and even without treatments, or even without the use of tillage as well!

We also do interviews with Benoit Noel, who is an agronomist in Belgium who has been testing the BRF in field culture for several years. Another interview that we conduct is with Professor Gilles another promoter of the method. In the video DVD, we also conduct meeting with two original BRF initiative associations in urban areas: one in the Garches areas and another one the city of Rennes. These initiatives implement a zero pesticide policy.

You can purchase this DVD for 15 euro, plus a 5 euro postage fee. The total time for the whole film is 50 minutes.

Production and cheese processing of Lataste family

At the beginning of May of the year 2005, we met the Lataste family in their estate in southern Gironde. The life of Hugues and Marie-France is completely dominated by cheese and they have practiced cheese making and processing for 25 years. Their production and cheese processing activity, which has become their regional heritage. The family has got more than 50 recipes of cheeses. Their agricultural approach to producing the ingredients for their cheeses is unique as well. And it is based on their complete independence in cheese production has completely captivated us. This video documentary about the cheese making process of the Lataste family is only 19 minutes long.

Paul Keruel chocolate maker

Paul Keruel is an organic and fair trade chocolate maker. And he owns his own chocolate shop as well. This is kind of dream come true for him. This is an artisan in making chocolates. And he is also a  master chocolatier. In the video, he takes small sweet cocoa from organic and fair trade products and produces chocolate from the raw cocoa. He can really teach you new concepts about making sweets. And this video will really expand your horizons about your relationship with food and with people. The total duration of this video documentary is 18 minutes, and it is a relatively short one that is definitely worth checking out if you have a desire to learn more about making chocolate.

The life of Hubert Coupart, a dairy farmer

This dairy farmer worked for 25 years in a factory industrial farm. A huge storm in 1999, the mad cow crisis and the health problems affecting her flock, led her to reconsider her farming practices. This is so as to be less dependent on the current means of industrial farming production. With the help of the Sustainable Agriculture Network, Hubert is changing the practices of her farm. She has reduced her expenses in order to produce more organic and free-range dairy The reduction in the farm’s expenseslargely compensated for the drop in production when she switched over to more organic methods of farming.