Copper Chef Pan Reviews: A Look at the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

The square Fry pan comes with different attachments like a unique square pan designed with deep-dish edges which offer enough cooking space as compared to the conventional nonstick round frying pans. Most copper chef pan reviews attest to the fact that it is a versatile non-stick pan which is a good replacement for your baking, frying and roasting pan, rice cooker or the stock pot.

Some of the features of this Copper Chef include the popular and the beneficial Ceramic Non-stick Technology which ensures that the pan is free from any impurities or materials, making it possible for you to cook your food without the addition of oil, grease or butter. Of course, this sounds unreal and impossible. But it is very unfortunate that it is untrue.

The non-stick feature usually works effectively for a while, but due to some reason, it will start losing textures, making your food to start sticking to it. That is the reason why it is very important to use it in a proper way, and also must avoid the application of excessive heat. Other facts that must be taken note of is that it must be used without the metal utensils.

Other features of the Copper Chef plan include the advanced Stainless Steel Induction Technology which ensures the uniform distribution of heat coupled with its rapid circulation to all parts of the pan which is considered as the most important feature of the pan.

Caring for Copper Cookware:

Copper pans and pots must always be hand-washed. Don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Unlike aluminum and stainless steel, copper will change color or oxidize. A copper cleaning paste is advised so as to keep the copper shiny as new. The Mauviel Corporation produces a copper cleaner referred to as Copperbrill, which functions very well, but, like their pans and pots, it’s costly. Polishing the copper isn’t just a normal requirement. The dark spots made by tarnish could lead to hot spots in the pans.

Manufacturers of stainless steel and fine copper cookware advise that the interior of the pans must be cleaned through the use of a fine powder cleanser, like Bar Keeper’s Friend. After making use of a powder, wash the pan again using warm soapy water and immediately dry the pan via the use of a soft cloth.

Don’t use oven cleaners, scouring powders, or any cleaner that has bleach. Also, avoid the use of steel wool. Nylon scrubbing pads and soft cloths are the most appropriate.

The stainless steel interior of copper cookware could be deteriorated by salt and this could cause little white pits or dots. These little pits are not enticing but they won’t affect the functionality of your pans. To stay away from salt damage, always bring liquids to a boil prior to adding the salt so that it will dissolve immediately into the water.

Discoloration could also be as a result of overheating, or by reheating a pan with a food film that hasn’t been totally washed off.

As you could see, good copper cookware has a lot of advantages for the experienced cook, but these pans and pots do need more care to make them working and looking their best. For individuals who truly love to cook, the additional care is worth it.