Peasants – A tour of France and traditional sustainable agriculture

Summary of the book:

The two authors of this book are young Parisians, who are hungry for the knowledge about cooking in a more responsible manner. They are also passionate about cooking and traveling, and traditional French history. They will travel through France from March to September in the year 2005. The book will detail all of the adventures that they have had the past few months in the tour of the countryside of France. On their trip across France, they meet over eighty different farmers, advocates, and craftsmen of the environmentally friendly methods of food production and sustainable farming. The food producers and farmers that they have met all range from the gardener who produces vegetables for the grocers, to the large-scale cereal grains grower. We also get to see a glimpse the baker of organic bread to the traditional cheese maker. There are also interviews with a chocolatier who practices fair trade chocolate production and only uses organic cocoa to produce their chocolate. In the book, you also get to read an interview of a winemaker, and how they produce their organic free-trade wine from the all of the different processes, from growing the grapes to aging the wine in casks. All of the steps of these various food producers and farmers will be detailed and written about in detail in this book.

Agro-biologists, farmers, traditional French craftspeople, cooks who use Peasant techniques, advocates of the sustainable agriculture network, agro-ecologists, experimenters of innovative practices representatives of the network Peasant Seeds, all of them will be included in the interviews of this book. And you get to read about their stories that are about them. You can read this book as an exercise to better understand agriculture activity and practices as they have developed in the past, and where they are going to go in the future.

The two young authors of this book will share with you through 25 different portraits and stories, about the reality of a natural and more responsible way of producing food. The agricultural practices are definitely something that needs to be included in the supply of food to our supermarkets. The authors of this book will also suggest some new ways of thinking about the relationship between food, agriculture, production, and people. And by reading this book, you will get to see a need to find a more sustainable way of food growing and production in France.

The book is sized 22.5 x 22.5 cm. And it will be a hardcover book, no softcover edition of the book is planned to be printed. There are over 128 pages that can be found in this book. And it will include 141 photographs that have been taken by the authors of this book. Each of the photographs will showcase the production practices and portraits of the farmers and craftspeople featured in this book. The book will also have 2 illustrations which were carefully hand drawn by an artist. A map that will detail the travels of the two authors across France, will also be included in the book as well.