Best Water Timer – A Look at the Top Picks for 2018

There is an old phrase that goes; Timing is everything. Are you an individual that is constantly busy with schedules? Or are you a mom that is finding it tough juggling your job, house chores and kids, and you need a time saver? Whichever the case may be, having a hose timer is necessary. This article will cover the bestsellers in sprinkler timers that are available for sale right now. If you are interested in knowing more about hose timers and figuring out which is the best for you, it is advised that you read on.

Melnor RainCloud Internet Controlled Timer, 4-Zone

The Melnor RainCloud Internet Controlled Timer is a smart system with four valves for hoses. It is important you are aware of the fact that it is a Wi-Fi-enabled system. When you pair this hose timer with a Soil Moisture sensor, it will readily detect when the soil requires watering, and it will do the job automatically. All by itself, it can operate on a standard timer system via your Amazon Echo Unit or by an app.

This is not the cheapest option that you will find available on the market, but if you are in search of a smart system, one that can easily be controlled from your Smart Phone while you are in a business meeting, this is the best choice.

Orbit Single Outlet Timer

It is important you are aware of the fact that this is a very simple system to program. The Orbit Single Outlet Timer is a digital hose time with a manual interface. To configure the watering settings or set the time, turn the dial to the right section and make use of the – and + buttons for time setting. Single outlet, it is a unit that is great to run a drip hose for your flower garden or an automatic sprinkler for your lawn.

If you are in need of a hose to have your car washed or to do other assignments, there is a button for manual override.

Gideon Dual-valve Water Timer

The dual outlets of this unit are what makes it ideal for an individual watering a garden bed and a small lawn separately. With a pair of hoses attached directly to the bottom, you have two zones that you can cover. You can have one hose attached to your lawn sprinkler and the other to your raised bed garden pipes, and automatically the watering will be taken care of.

The Gideon Unit also features a rain delay option. All you need to do is instruct the unit on how long you require it to hold off, and when the delay is done, it will continue with its regular watering schedule. It is fully rainproof, and it can hold up in extreme weather conditions.

Orbit 3-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

The Orbit 3-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer is very easy to operate. The timer will assist in saving its programming even as the battery is being changed, and it can accommodate about three different settings. If you have multiple places that need water, this is the ideal unit for you.