Anonymous Web Hosting for an Agriculture Supply Chain Domain

Does anonymous web hosting actually exist? For people who have plans to host provocative or probably illegal website content in their individual jurisdictions, there are now numerous “anonymous website hosts” available. Frequently domiciled in far-flung locations in the world, these companies guarantee that your identity will be protected – at a price. Are these providers really worth the extra charges?

If what you’ll be hosting is highly controversial but legal, then the answer is no. Any host of repute will normally keep your contact details safe from snooping eyes. What you should be after is a company that is recognized and reliable which complies with the laws on freedom of speech and expression. In this case, your private information should only be released by court order.

If you depend on a dubious provider overseas, then good luck to you. This type of company is not obligated by law to keep your identity safe and they’re probably more susceptible to hacking. In addition, such a service provider will probably shut down operations without warning, taking down your site too.

For anybody that wants to upload and manage a website while keeping their personal information secret, a service provider that offers anonymous web hosting is the best option. At the point of registering a website, the individual’s information is made available to the registrar. To view this information, all one needs to do is to run a “whois” search on the relevant website. A visit to a website like or would yield some results. All you have to do is key in the domain name of the website you’re interested in and pieces of information pertaining to the owner of the website such as name, telephone number, and address will be revealed.

However, a lot of registrars offer a service called “whois protection” where none of the information of a website owner is revealed during a whois search. In this case, the whois protection agencies information is displayed.