Welcome to the official website for CheminFaisant, a video producing collective about agricultural practices in France. This is a tour blog for French food production, specifically; we will focus on organic methods of food and agricultural practices. And we travel across France and its towns to sample the organic produce and learn about the many sustainable agricultural practices that are being advocated by the farmers and food producers. To that end, we have started a tour of the countryside of France in order to interview farmers, food producers, and anyone that is involved with more sustainable methods of agriculture and farming.

The two people who started this project are both from France. We are two people who live and work in Paris, and we are extremely fascinated with French traditional methods of organic farming. We have passions for cooking and food, but none of us have a background in professional cooking. You can say that we have no experience in cooking or farming other than our interests. Our original background is in the arts, filmmaking, and production. However, we have decided to put our skills to good use and produce a video documentary of all the things that we have learned through our filming of our trip.

We produce many different video documentaries that feature our interviews with food producers, farmers and other people who are working in agriculture. Through our interviews and video documentaries, we hope to tell the story that these people are trying to show others. And that is to spread awareness about organic and sustainable methods of farming and food production. The goal of our documentaries is to make people learn about responsible food consumption and production. If you watch our videos you will be able to actually learn all about how your food is produced, and how your consumption of it could affect the environment and the lives of other people.

We have interviewed chocolatiers, cheese makers, cereal growers, home gardeners, and many other people who come from all walks of life in France. Our interviews and videos about these people will cover their professions and how they go about making or growing food. If you would like to know how a free trade chocolatier works in France, then you should be watching our videos. You can learn all about that and other kinds of sustainable and free trade food production practices by checking out the videos that we produce and release on our website.

In addition to the series of video documentaries that we produce about our trip through the French countryside, we are also planning to publish a book about our adventures! The book will have photographs that are taken by the two people of this website. And it will also include illustrations, and behind-the-scenes pictures and other details about the trip that we have undergone. You can purchase our book once it has been published. You will not regret getting our book, as it will be beautifully printed and will include stories and details about our tour that you would only be able to read about in the book itself.

We also offer performances and exhibitions that feature art pieces and photographs that we have collected through our trip through the French countryside. We have officially partnered with Canon France to be able to bring our photography exhibit about agricultural practices to you. You can contact us if you want to schedule our photo exhibition at your location. We can do photo exhibits at schools, libraries and at trade shows as well!

You can purchase DVDs of our video documentaries if you want to watch them. We also sell books, illustrations and other products related to the topic of sustainable farming and responsible food production. If you would like to purchase and watch any of our documentaries, just go to our DVD page and purchase one of them. You can read about their summaries and see which ones would possibly be interested. We can send the DVD to you by post as well, as long as you live in France or a European country.

We fully believe in advocating for the spread of the use of sustainable methods of agricultural farming. We believe that current practices of agricultural farming are not good for the environment. And only by the adoption of common people of more responsible forms of food consumption, will the practice of unsustainable large-scale farming be stopped. So we hope that our videos and documentaries will be able to educate you on the subject of better farming practices.